...clearly a hybrid who really does understand the rest of the musical world from the point of view of a being a piper.” - John Powell

— How To Train Your Dragon 2

Lorne MacDougall holds an Honours Degree in Scottish Music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is a distinguished Scottish traditional musician renowned for his mastery of the bagpipes and whistle. His career highlights include contributions to major film and television productions such as Disney Pixar's Brave, DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon series, and acclaimed shows like The Crown, Doctor Who, and Good Omens. MacDougall's accolades include nominations for the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards Instrumentalist of the Year and three consecutive placements in the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year Final.

MacDougall served as the bagpipe advisor and recording artist for the final episode of The Crown, where he made a cameo appearance as the Piper to the Sovereign in the episode "Ruritania." His piping and arrangements have graced various TV series, including Amazon Prime's Good Omens, Netflix's The Sea Beast, and BBC One's Silent Witness. Notably, he performed as a mass bagpiper for Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to the Dune franchise.

During the lockdown, MacDougall contributed remotely to projects such as Patrick Doyle's The Declaration of Arbroath, Lorne Balfe's Songbird, and the studio ident for Ian Bryce's production company. His work includes arranging and recording pipes for the BBC Scotland sitcom Still Game and playing a significant role in the Christmas special of BBC's Call the Midwife.

MacDougall's collaborations extend to esteemed artists such as Billy Connolly, BA Robertson, John Barrowman, and Susan Boyle. He has represented Scotland in Disney's It's a Small World World and contributed to D Imman's soundtrack for the Tamil film Bogan. MacDougall is also a member of the bagpipe supergroup Tryst and tours with his own bagpipe-centric folk band, showcasing his unique blend of traditional Scottish music and contemporary influences to audiences worldwide.  Hailing from Carradale in Kintyre, he's now based in Glasgow, with a career spanning from touring with The Tannahill Weavers to collaborations with The Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

His pipes have joy and life breezing out of them, and I can’t help feeling a swelling in the heart whenever I hear his ancient trilling and galloping and swirling coming out of my speakers. His music is often loud and foot-stompingly fast, sometimes introspective and almost always capable of evoking distinctively highland landscapes and ancient Celtic rites.” - Murray Gold

— Doctor Who