Bonfires of Arran (2023)

Bonfires or Arran

Lorne MacDougall

This track grew from a theme that I wrote one bonfire night when looking over to the Isle of Arran from the village of Carradale on the East side of the Kintyre Peninsula.

It was a pretty spooky sight seeing the small villages on the opposite coast begin their bonfire night celebrations as each bonfire was lit, grew and then fade.
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In These Celtic Winds (2022)

Sounds from the Sky (2017)

Weird, unexplained, apocolypitic-esque sounds in the sky have been heard all round the World for centuries.  Conspiracy theorists claim a number of explanations.  The sounds have been captured on various videos released online and the results are chilling.  Are we hearing the metallic grinding of invisible alien spaceships? Or some kind of ultra low-frequency electromagnetic noise resulting from solar activity? Is it the groaning of the Earth’s crust about to shift in the kind of tectonic apocalypse event the ancient Mayans were trying to warn us about? Are they the final trumpets of God himself?

Featuring soundscapes and melodies inspired by these eerie videos accompanied by specially made staged shaky, amateur handy-cam footage of similar events across the country, this piece asks “What would it be like if this happening was to take place over Scotland?”.

SOS (2017)

SOS echoes the most basic, yet often hesitant, human reaction of asking for help in times of trouble.  The piece originally began being written in a global context but, as it developed, it became apparent that it could also represent a more personal story, particularly during the bleak months during which it was composed.  Opening with a call for help emerging from crisis to then be joined by many concerned voices helping through struggle to the end recovery. 

Written as part of Tryst's first project: The latest pioneering project from Calum MacCrimmon and John Mulhearn’s Big MusicSociety sees ten contemporary piper/composer/producers commissioned to write new music in the spirit of their instrument’s classical, often ceremonial or commemorative, Ceòl Mòr tradition.

Compositions from MacCrimmon, Mulhearn, Finlay MacDonald,Rory Campbell, Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton, Steven Blake, Lorne MacDougall, James Duncan Mackenzie and Mairearad Green will variously enlist the whol eensemble on additional pipes, instruments and voices.

SPL on SkySports (2010-2015)